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Teeth Whitening

In-Office Procedure

Relax in our comfortable office during the treatment, while your teeth become up to eight shades lighter. Our in-office whitening system is perfect for anyone who wants immediate results from teeth whitening, and is the ideal solution for our busy patients.

Take-Home Procedure

The at-home whitening procedure is simple. An impression of your mouth is taken to create a specialized tray that holds the whitening bleach against your teeth. You’ll easily fill the tray with the whitening gel and place it over your teeth, keeping it in place for up to two hours every day. Many of our patients have whitened their teeth by up to eight shades in just two weeks. You can wear your custom-fitted whitening tray whenever you choose, while surfing the internet, while sitting in your car, or even while you are sleeping. 

Who Is a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Anyone over the age of 16 can benefit from teeth whitening. In-Office whitening is ideal for anyone who wants to see immediate results. The take-home system is perfect for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home or is looking for a less expensive treatment. Teeth whitening is not recommended for women that are pregnant.

Some people may temporarily experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during treatment. Typically, these symptoms disappear within one to three days after stopping or completing treatment.


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