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Top-notch care Your Perfect Smile Awaits

At Barfield Dental, we really care about dentistry. Our number one priority is creating a respectful, welcoming atmosphere for our patients and delivering top-notch care. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, we’ve become one of the leading dental care providers in the middle Tennessee region!
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Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Barfield Crescent Dental, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. We strive each day to provide top-notch repairs in an atmosphere of outstanding customer service. With a high number of loyal clients, we take pride in being one of the most dependable dental practices in Murfreesboro, TN.
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Dr Lee and Family

Dental Health with Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is a New York University alumnus. Dr. Lee has been in practice in middle Tennessee since 2007. He finished his general practice residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center and then spent three years at the Center for Laser Dentistry in Knoxville TN.
He is involved in his church and community. He has two kids with his wife Amy. Dr. Lee likes to play golf and tennis in his free time.

Expert Dental Care from a Dedicated Team

At Barfield Dental, we take pride in offering our clients a group of qualified and knowledgeable specialists that are committed to taking care of all of their dental requirements. Dental hygienists, dental assistants, and an office manager make up our team, and they all play a vital part in making sure you get the best care possible.
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Personalized and Modern Dental Care

We start with a team that is well-trained and a facility that is both modern and well-equipped. From the very first patient visit on, we provide a personalized experience. All of our patients are made to feel at ease and at home by our team, who are always willing to "go the extra mile."

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Innovative Technology and Expert Services

Our dental practice is dedicated to offering patients cutting-edge technology and modern services that are catered to their unique needs. We can provide top-notch dental treatment, from routine cleanings and checkups to sophisticated restorative and aesthetic operations, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment in our facility.

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Your Trusted Dental Care Provider

We at Barfield Dental are very appreciative of the confidence our neighborhood has shown in us. We strive to give all of our patients with crucial dental care services, and we do so with a smile. We sincerely hope you would make the effort to stop by our office and receive high-quality dental treatment and assistance.

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